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Stitch Review @ Wintry Words

Today we’ve got another review from Abby over at Wintry Words – check it out:

Stitch has to be the most interesting, well written, and deeply thoughtful book that has ever had the pleasure of existing. It reached into the deeper recesses of my mind and brought out feelings that I’d never felt before while reading a book. The way things were described was so realistic and rich that I can picture Alessa’s world as easily as my own. This novel blurred the edges of my reality with its own fantastic world of lies, intrigue, and deceit. Stitch is true an amazing novel, a kick-off to an amazing new teen series.

Thanks so much to Abby for the kind words – be sure to read the rest over at Wintry Words!

Also, we’ve got a 3 e-book giveaway ending today at The Books We Read and there are currently only 15 entries!  If you’re looking for a chance to win, this is good bet!  (By comparison, the giveaways going on at Mostly YA Book Obsessed and Good Choice Reading have 75 and 101 entries at the moment.  Lovely Reads is also high probability, with only 7 entries for 3 books right now, but there are 5 days left for more people to join…)

Tomorrow we’ll be heading over to Book Spark for another review and a 3 e-book giveaway!

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