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Stitch Reviews, Interview & Ebook Giveaway @ A Thousand Lives & The Bookshelf Chronicles

Two great stops on the tour today at A Thousand Lives and The Bookshelf Chronicles.  First, a great author interview and even better review at A Thousand Lives!  Check it out:

Yup, I gave a very vague synopsis. Why? This book is just too delicious to give any spoilers away. I LOVED this book so much! Here is another case when I wish I could give more then a 5 reaper rating.

Don’t miss the rest (and the interview) at A Thousand Lives today!  Huge thanks to Jannah & Nicki for hosting!

Next up, another great review and an e-book giveaway at The Bookshelf Chronicles – here’s a sneak peek:

Through Alessa you realise early on that there’s something a bit ‘iffy’ going on and I was constantly trying to piece together all the little clues alongside her. I’d think I’d got it in one chapter only to find I was way off course by the next. It’s frustrating, but in a good way.  What I loved most about it all though, is the one thing I can’t talk about. When everything was unravelled and things fell into place I was so excited!

Read the rest (and remember to enter the giveaway!) at The Bookshelf Chronicles today!  Thank you so much to Sonya for hosting!

Tomorrow we’re stopping by My World in Words and Pages for a review, author interview, and guest post about how the “ick factor” of reality TV inspired aspects of Stitch!  Don’t miss it!

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