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Stitch Reviews @ Wading Through Electronic Ink & Paulette’s Papers

Two more great reviews today at Wading Through Electronic Ink and Paulette’s Papers!  First, here’s a snippet from Wading Through Electronic Ink:

Stitch was a very well written and/or well-edited novel. Based on the writing quality, I never would have guessed that this was an indie novel. The character of Alessa was very likable an sympathetic throughout the novel, both when she is at college recovering from the loss of her parents and… later, when other things are happening. And despite the fact that there are three interwoven realities in the novel  – Alessa’s, Isaac’s, and the real one – I never got confused about which reality we were in and what was going on, which really was an achievement.

Don’t miss the rest at Wading Through Electronic Ink today!  Our next stop today is at Paulette’s Papers for another review:

Stitch is nothing like I thought it would be! It is the perfect mixture of a ghost story and a dystopia romance. I am just in awe with how the author created one world and then reveals that it wasn’t what it seemed to be….  I have to say the twists in this plot were amazing and well thought out. I had no idea how this was going to go from a ghost story into a dystopia and when it finally happened it was just perfect.

Catch the rest at Paulette’s Papers!  Big thanks to Elizabeth and Danielle for hosting!

Tomorrow we’re headed to Cocktails & Books for an author interview and giveaway!

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