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“Sucked right back in” – Shudder Review @ The Aussie Zombie

Check out a great Shudder review up today at The Aussie Zombie!

I loved the first book in this series, Stitch – it was a fantastic blend of great characters and a genre mish-mash that I’ve never enjoyed quite so much… and I was sucked right back into the world of Alessa, Isaac and Paragon. What I really liked about Shudder was the continuity of the characters – they held the same realistic, admirable qualities that they had in the first book, and Alessa continued to struggle to decide between what is right for the greater good, and what is right for the people she loves the most.  This is what I like most about her as a character – it makes her realistic and I felt emotionally connected to her in the difficulties she faced. <continue reading>

Read the full review at The Aussie Zombie today!  Thanks so much to Kat for hosting!!

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