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“The Birth of a Twist” – Guest Post @ Squibley’s Fiction Addiction

Update 2/18/13: Just noticed that the links to this guest post are broken, so I reposted the full text on my own site here.

Lots of readers have asked me how I came up with the twist in Stitch – was it planned all along or did it come to me after I started writing the story? Where did I get the idea? Why did I decide to go this path?

To address these questions, I wrote a guest post over at Squibley’s Fiction Addiction to explain how the twist came about!  Check out this excerpt from the post, “The Birth of a Twist”:

I began with the idea of a paranormal romance. I thought that a ghost romance might be a fresh take after all the vampire/werewolf popularity of late, and I’d always been fascinated by ghosts, so that seemed a good place to start. But there is one huge problem with a love story between a ghost and a living person: how do you finally unite them in the same place at the same time? Yes, I could have just made it work despite the confines of time and space, or I could have brought in some kind of time travel element, but those weren’t ideas that really appealed to me too strongly. For my first book, I wanted to write about something that excited me on a visceral level, something that as a reader, I would DIE for more of. And that’s when it occurred to me.

Stop by Squibley’s Fiction Addiction today for the rest!

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