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The Case for College: a Rant – & Review @ New Adult Addiction

Did you ever wonder why there aren’t more books in a college setting?  I did, and when I went looking for answers, I found a bunch of garbage that infuriated me and spawned this guest post “The Case for College: a Rant” which you can find today over at New Adult Addiction.  Here’s a sneak preview:

“College students are too busy to read for pleasure and teenagers are too absorbed in their own lives to want to read about college.”a. First off, since *when* are college students the sole target market for books in a college setting?? As evidenced by the, oh, THOUSANDS of blogs and websites dedicated to new adult, young adult, and middle grade books WHICH ARE RUN BY ADULTS, obviously people don’t only read books about characters their own age (and boy would we miss out on a TON of amazing books if we did!). b. Claiming that teenagers are too absorbed in the present to think about the future is just plain insulting. High schoolers spend ENDLESS amounts of time preparing for and applying to college. I’m supposed to believe that they aren’t the *least* bit curious what it’s actually like? That they have NO interest in reading about college-age characters? Actually, I WAS a high school student who wanted to read about college less than 10 years ago, so I know for a fact that this isn’t true. I call bull.

Plenty more exasperation and vitriol where that came from, so head over to New Adult Addiction for the rest!  And while you’re there, check out Julie’s great 4-star review of Stitch (“Durante is building a world that will require readers to think and I like this.”  You can say that again! :-)  Thanks so much to Julie for hosting!!!  

(Oh, and btw, Julie is the author of a highly-reviewed New Adult sci-fi series with an entire website filled with extra content – check out the awesomeness at!)

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