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“The Glory of the Sequel” Guest Post @ YA Sisterhood

If you ever wondered what an author goes through planning a sequel, check out my guest post today at YA Sisterhood (along with a giveaway!).  As you can imagine, meeting reader expectations after a well-loved debut is a pretty daunting challenge, especially given that second books have a bad reputation for letting readers down.  So far, I’ve had a great experience writing Shudder, as you can see from my post:

You see, the thing I’ve decided I love about writing a sequel is that so MUCH of the work is done already – now I just get to play.  In Book 1, the world was built – so now I just have to fill in all the fun little details that make it real.  The characters came to life in the previous book – so now I just have to let them lead the story.  And after reading the last one, the reader already *knows* all the background – that means I can jump right into the action!  (And the romance! wink wink ;-)

But that being said, I still won’t know for a few months now how readers will respond to Shudder.  I’m hoping beyond hope that you guys will like it as much as I do!

Stop by YA Sisterhood today to check out the rest of the post, and also to enter a giveaway for an e-copy of Stitch (gotta catch up before the sequel’s ready, right??).

Thanks so much to sisters Jennifer, Amy, and Brittany (and Marylee, Beth, Sarah, Bethany, and any honorary sisters I missed!) at YA Sisterhood for hosting me!

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