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Trouble in Paradise: 5 Tips for Surviving Dystopia + Giveaway!

Stop by Bookshelf Confessions today for an e-book giveaway and a helpful guest post: “Trouble in Paradise: 5 Tips for Surviving Dystopia.”   Here’s a quick preview:

So, you live in a dystopian society. That sucks. :-( But as much as you wish things would change, you’re not a hero, and you’re not willing to risk your neck to make it happen. That’s perfectly reasonable – after all, most of us are not Katniss EverdeenTris Prior or Alessa Khole. So what if you just want to make it through the rest of your days with as little trouble and suffering as possible? Here are five tips and tricks the smart dystopian citizen can use to survive dystopia unscathed: 1. Keep Your Head Down This probably goes without saying, but don’t attract any undue attention. You want to blend in, so do what’s expected of you – nothing more, nothing less. Sure, the rules might seem a bit crazy, depending on where you live – get “cured” of love? choose only one virtue to practice the rest of your life? marry whoever the government chooses for you? – but trust me on this, the quicker you conform, the less painful it will be.

Catch the rest over at Bookshelf Confessions today, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway while you’re there!

Big thanks to Abby for hosting Stitch!!

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