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Two Reviews & Guest Post @ Head Stuck In A Book & Books and Life

Two great reviews and an enlightening round of “This or That” with Janie up at our stops today!  First, check out Head Stuck In A Book for a review and the Janie interview:

Samantha: (laughs) Okay, next one.  String cheese: string it or eat it in bites? Janie: STRING IT!  Oh my God, it drives me NUTS when people just bite into it!!  String cheese is practically a delicacy!  You’re supposed to savor it! Samantha: (laughing) I knew that one would get you going…

Read the rest over at Head Stuck In A Book today!  Thanks so much to Sarah for hosting!!

Next we’ve got another fab review over at Books and Life!  Here’s a sneak peek:

Samantha Durante will be one of the authors that I recommend to my Young Adult Readers at the library were I work.  If you are looking for a read alike author for Suzanne Collins or P.C. Cast, Samantha Durante would be one of my top picks.

Ah!  Suzanne Collins??  I’m BEYOND flattered!!  Be sure to catch the rest at Books and Life today!  Big thanks to Joy for the huge compliment and for hosting!

Tomorrow we’re at Sliced Open Reviews for two more reviews, an author interview, and an e-book giveaway!  See you there!

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