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Weekend of Doubles: 2 Reviews, 2 Guest Posts, 2 Interviews & 2 Giveaways

It’s the weekend of doubles!  Two of each features, including two awesome reviews, two guest posts, two interviews, and two e-book giveaways!  First up, a guest post at Bookmark Reviews on the Stitch theme of finding balance:

Balance can be a difficult thing to achieve, and no one knows that better than Alessa, the main character of Stitch. In most respects Alessa is a perfectly normal college girl, but sometimes it seems like her life is stuck on a pendulum that’s constantly swinging back and forth to the most extreme degree. So learning to cope with the dynamic world she lives in, and finding balance in her own character, will be some of her biggest struggles both in Stitch and throughout the Stitch trilogy.

Catch the rest at Bookmark Reviews!  Next up is an author interview and e-book giveaway at A Dash of YA:

What was the inspiration behind Stitch?  I wanted to write something with a knock-your-socks-off twist, so I thought about how I could combine two genres I love – paranormal romance and dystopian sci-fi – in one book in a way that would actually make sense.

Lots more and a giveaway of a Kindle copy of Stitch at A Dash of YA!  Also swing by Goodreads today for a featured 5-star “real” reader review from Aydrea!

Wow this book was full of unexpected moments. The whole plot was very unique and I loved every second of it. Just when I thought I figured everything out something else would happen to make me question just what exactly was going on. I loved that the plot completely surprised me and was so unique from anything else I have read.

And finally, a review and guest post ("How Dystopia Happens") at Reading With ABC:

I LOVE dystopian books.  Even putting aside the awesome characters and exciting storylines found in so many great dystopian novels, just learning about the world itself could easily be enough to keep my interest.  But there’s one thing about my beloved dystopian books which has always driven me nuts, and it’s this: no one ever explains how the world came about.

Don’t miss all the great content up today at Reading With ABC!  HUGE thanks to Nic, Komal, Aydrea and Liza for hosting!!

Tomorrow we’re at Wading Through Electronic Ink and Paulette’s Papers for two reviews! See you then!

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