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“What Just Happened??” Prepping for the Twist + Giveaway @ Uniquely Moi Books

Did the twist in Stitch blow your mind??  If so, check out today’s guest post (and e-book giveaway!) over at Uniquely Moi Books to learn how I did it!  Here’s a sneak peek:

I LOVE me a good twist.  That moment when everything drops away and you suddenly see the world for how it *really* is – well, there’s nothing quite like it.  Think back to the first time you saw The Sixth Sense, when you found out Bruce Willis was dead.  Or Lost, when you found out everyone on the island was dead (or were they?  I’m still not quite sure what happened!).  Or the first season of American Horror Story, when they revealed that the daughter was dead.  (Hmm, I’m starting to see a pattern here…)  Your jaw drops, your stomach clenches, you can feel the blood pulsing through your temples.  Your world has just been turned upside down… and it was awesome. I honestly can’t get enough of that feeling.  Whether as a reader, a movie goer, or a TV viewer, a knock-your-socks off twist will always win me over.  BUT, as with anything, there are some caveats – it’s all about the execution.

Keep reading at Uniquely Moi Books for the 5 simple steps needed to execute a twist like a pro.  :-)

Also, don’t miss the e-book giveaway while you’re there!  Thanks so much to Jodie for hosting me and Stitch!!

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