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“What’s In a Name? How I Titled Shudder” + 2 Reviews & Big Giveaway

The tour is kicking into HIGH GEAR today with 4 great new stops, including a guest post on how I came up with the title for Shudder, 2 fantastic Shudder reviews, and 3 new spots you can enter to win the big CBL Tour Prize Pack Giveaway!

First, swing by Books & Such for the guest post, “What’s In a Name? How I Titled Shudder” along with an awesome review.  Here’s a sneak peek of both:

From the guest post: You’d think that writing a book is the most difficult part of the process, but for me, that’s generally not the case – coming up with a decent title once I’ve written the thing is *infinitely* harder.  After all, a good title is as important as a good cover – it’s just reality that readers are going to make snap judgments about your book based on the title.  A solid title can make all the difference between a quick dismissal and a potential sale, regardless of the quality of the book itself.  As a result, I find the exercise of naming my books to be a generally daunting and stressful endeavor. So how do I know when I’ve got a good title?  Besides satisfying a number of criteria (concise, memorable, simple, upbeat, and goes well with the other titles in the series), I also look for titles with depth – some word or combination of words that convey multiple levels of meaning.  For Book 2 of the Stitch Trilogy, I knew I’d found that with “Shudder.”  Here’s why: <continue reading> From the review: When does part three come out?!!!  Part two in this trilogy doesn’t disappoint. … As with Stitch, just when I thought I had the plot figured out, I was once again surprised. … More is learned about the Engineers, Alessa and Isaac’s relationship undergoes some new developments, there is a good amount of action/adventure involving life and death situations, and the epilogue promises major conflicts in the third book of this amazing trilogy. <continue reading>

Next up, we’ve got another great reviews PLUS opportunities to enter the CBL Tour Giveaway at all of the remaining stops on today’s schedule.  First, from Book Nerds Anonymous:

After reading Stitch, I was really excited to see how this series would go. So many twists and turns happened in that novel, it could only get better. Plus, secrets were revealed, and it’s always fun to watch what happens after that. And it was definitely more than fun in this case. It was emotional, tense, and exciting. <continue reading>

And finally, two more stops where you can enter the CBL Tour Giveaway – Bookwyrming Thoughts and Sweeping Me!

Thanks so much to Teri, Brianna & Ava, Sophia, and Mary for hosting the tour today!!

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