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“You are sick!” AKA Final Shudder-o-Meter Beta Reader Comments

When I finished the first draft of Shudder a few days ago, I promised I would follow up with some beta reader reactions after they’d had some time to read.  Well, here you go!  :-)

Yeah, the beta readers kinda looked a little like this…

“You are sick!”

“What is <name hidden to avoid spoilers> thinking??  Betraying the rebels?  Really??”


“I’m actually experiencing a book hangover after finishing that, so I decided to re-read Stitch for a little hair-of-the-dog while I wait for the revised draft.” 

“Did you finish the third book yet?  B/c I need it, NOW.”

Muahahahaha – aren’t you just dying to know what they’re all talking about??  Well don’t feel bad, b/c I’m dying to share it – trust me, this whole waiting thing is as painful for me as it is for you!!

And with this post, I’m officially retiring the Shudder-o-Meter, since as of right now it looks like we’re on track for the June 15th release.  Shudder is now in the hands of the second round of beta readers, and then I’ll be moving into the heavy revision process, then formatting, and – finally! – publication.  BAM.

In the meantime, I’m also starting to get the Shudder Blog Tour set up so… posting might be a little slow around here for the next few weeks.  But don’t worry, b/c I’ve already got 97 blogs (!!) signed up for the tour, so there will be PLENTY of new content come June!  Can’t wait!

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