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“A Hurray for YA Dystopia!” 3 Shudder Reviews + Giveaway

Three awesome new reviews up this weekend for the Shudder Blog Tour!  Here are some quick snippets – head to the links below for the full text.  :-)

A Hurray for YA Dystopia!  … This independent author did not disappoint. The story is wrapped up without the horrid cliffhanger, but offers just enough doubt, conspiracy and mystery to leave the reader eager for the final book. Each book in the series thus far is individually satisfying while at the same time tossing enough bait that a reader can’t resist scooping up the next one as soon as it is released. <continue reading>
Author Samantha has impressed me again with her latest book Shudder. … I loved reading Stitch and I completely enjoyed Shudder, it makes a wonderful addition to the trilogy. I found it to be an easy read, one I had no trouble picking back up whenever I had to set it down. … This is a fascinating YA Dystopia series and one I think readers of all ages will enjoy. <continue reading> (Also a giveaway here!)

And finally, from Falling Books:

In this book, Alessa is unsure about her feelings for Isaac because her old feelings for Joe are resurfacing. I felt really sad knowing that she was with Isaac but still thought of her ex. … Also, the moments she spends with Isaac and completely and utterly swoon-worthy! I couldn’t get enough of them. I’m anxious to read Stuck, which is the conclusion to the trilogy, and I predict a lot of action as well as more secrets to be uncovered! I can’t wait to see what happens to our characters, Isaac and Alessa. <continue reading>

Thanks so much to Charlie, Dani, and Sam for hosting!!

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