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Announcement: Winner of the Shudder ARC Giveaway!

I just wanted to send a HUGE congrats to Kamla, who is the newly selected winner of the Shudder Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) Giveaway!!!

Congrats to Kamla, winner of the rare Shudder Print ARC!

Kamla, I’m emailing you now to coordinate sending your prize.  :-)

Wow, can you even believe that there were almost 4500 entries into this giveaway??  I’m BEYOND flattered that you guys are so excited for the release!  I am too!!!

In case you were wondering *just* how jealous of our winner, Kamla, you should be, let me give you a handful of stats:

  1. There are only 4 print ARCs of Shudder in existence (and at max, there will only ever be 5 before the release – CreateSpace limits the number of proofs I can order, so it’s not a like big publisher where they send out 6,000 ARCs to everyone and their mom.  These babies are *seriously* rare!)

  2. All of the ARCs besides Kamla’s will be in the possession of me and/or my close family/friend beta readers, as we’re still proofing the final text – Kamla, please excuse any typos you find.  (I’m telling you – a print ARC of Shudder is a hot commodity!  Maybe one day that thing will even be worth money… keeping my fingers crossed, haha.)

  3. Kamla’s ARC will be signed and inscribed with whatever she likes (seriously Kamla, if you want me to write “turd burglar” in there in I’ll do it, though regardless of what I write you probably won’t be able to read it since my handwriting is atrocious… sorry for defacing your pretty print ARC with my chicken scratch)

So as you can see, you should all be *seething* with envy.  (Kamla, I didn’t include your last name in this post for a reason…  Lol, jk!  Stitch fans are all very nice reasonable people, right guys??)

AHH I’m so excited to share Shudder with all of you!  T-13 days…  :-D

PS – I noticed today when I went to draw the winner that the giveaway was accidentally set up to go to June 10th instead of June 1st.  TYPO ALERT!  Sorry, I’m not sure how it took me the course of the entire giveaway to notice that…  But I wanted to end the giveaway now (as was my intention) so that the winner could actually get the ARC before the release (otherwise what’s the point of winning an ARC, right?).  I apologize for any confusion that little snafu may have caused.

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