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BAD GUY WEEK continues: “A Profile of Evil: the Engineers” + Reviews, Excerpt & Giv

BAD GUY WEEK continues today on the Shudder Blog Tour with a bevy of great new content and two fabulous 5-star reviews!  First, swing by Crys Book Reviews for the guest post “A Profile of Evil: the Engineers,” which includes a handy cheat sheet to help you keep track of all the Stitch Trilogy baddies – check it out:

The Developer Role: Architect behind the entire Paragon scheme and de facto leader of the Engineers Skills/Experience: Talented software programmer/hacker, world’s youngest billionaire after launching an online social media outlet that eventually grew to include almost every individual on the planet Appearance: Your classic computer nerd – lanky, greasy hair, glasses, t-shirt, whiny voice Defining Traits: Intelligent, arrogant, impatient, brusque Classic Quote: “Zombie apocalypse. The people eat that garbage up.” <continue reading>

Also don’t miss Crystal’s awesome 5-star review of Shudder!

Wow, this book just blew my mind. I just finished reading it and the last page of the book was amazing and horrible all at the same time. <continue reading>

And finally, head over to Fundinmental for another great 5-star review (including a great discussion of real-life bad guys), an e-book giveaway, and excerpt!

He wasn’t a large man, but there was something intimidating about him, something dark.  He was middle-aged, neat, not unattractive exactly, but there was something about his face that pushed her gaze away instead of drawing it towards him.  His eyes, maybe.  His eyes seemed to drink all the light from the room, flat and cold as they bored into her.  Something about those eyes made her shudder inwardly. <continue reading>

Thanks so much to Crystal and Sherry for hosting today!!  More coming in BAD GUY WEEK later this week.

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