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“Blew its predecessor out of the water!” 2 Reviews + Giveaway

Happy Monday!  Two awesome reviews plus a new giveaway for you today on the Shudder tour.  First, check out this great 4-star review at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile:

I reviewed the first book in this trilogy, Stitch, last year and was fairly impressed with it. Samantha Durante brings something fresh, and new to the table in her series. I knew I’d be back for more. That being said, I’ll share that Shudder blew its predecessor out of the water! This book had everything I loved from the before, and everything I was missing as well. Kudos Ms. Durante, you hooked me from page one. <continue reading>

Next up, swing by Reading & Writing Urban Fantasy for another thoughtful review AND an e-book giveaway!

Durante has a way of keeping her readers on their toes. I was blown away by the twists and turns in this book. The level of surprises just kept getting higher and higher as we learned more about the virus that killed billions of people, the Engineers overall game plan, and how the whole mess came to be. Meeting the Engineers was the best part of this book. They are devious as they are brilliant. They truly believe in their cause, even when it means killing and torturing people. They think they are doing the right thing. It’s delusion at it’s finest. But they put up a pretty good front and I can easily see why so many people follow their lead. I can’t wait to watch their downfall though. Hint, hint, Durante. I felt so bad for Alessa in this book. She has lost so much and has worked so hard for a cause she believes in, but I can tell she is getting tired.  <continue reading>

Thanks so much to Jessica and Jennifer for hosting today!

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