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Count ‘Em! 5 Shudder Reviews + Excerpt & Giveaway

Whew!  Happy Friday!  We’re kicking off the weekend with a BIG day today on the Shudder tour – no less than FIVE (count ’em – that’s 5!) new reviews to share!  Here’s a quick snippet from each (click on the blog names to view the whole post):

  1. Why Not? Because I Said So – “The characters are written with so much depth that you can’t help but become totally immersed in their feelings and struggles. I’m now anxiously awaiting book three.”  (Also a new excerpt available in this post!)

  2. Wintry Words – “Shudder has so ferociously shown me how quickly good things can turn bad. When things should’ve been heart-lifting, but ended up heartbreaking. There wasn’t a moment where I was privy to the whole plot. Samantha keeps you guessing throughout every page, every chapter.” (Also CBL Prize Pack Giveaway!)

  3. Book Adoration – “There is just something about the Stitch series that makes reading it pure, genuine entertainment. … The story begins with excitement and action, keeping a perfect pace throughout the whole novel. My fingers were constantly ‘flipping’ the pages on my Kindle and I admit that it was really hard to stop. … Durante’s writing is compelling and easy to read, [and though] already good, has vastly improved.” (Also CBL Giveaway!)

  4. Lounging With Lindsey – “I haven’t really read anything quite like it and was glad to learn more about other characters in this book. I was also happy to read more about the virus and the stitch and to learn about the complications that arose from the two. … And warning, there is a cliffhanger that is going to make you want to pick up the final book of the trilogy!” (Also CBL Giveaway!)

  5. Spiced Latte Reviews – “Overall I did think that Shudder was a great sequel to Stitch. I mean that book would be pretty hard to top off but I am looking forward to reading the third book which is coming out in 2014 and hope that it would be an amazing end to this Trilogy!!” (Also CBL Giveaway!)

Huge thanks to Sheila, Abby, Lottie, Lindsey, and Ellie for hosting on this jam-packed day!

And finally, though this isn’t officially part of the tour, I had to mention a great post up today at Forever 17 Books today since it made me smile.  Sara’s six year old son, Shawn, took a look at the Shudder cover, re-drew it himself (quite fabulously, I must say!), and had a guess at what the book is about, which literally had me laughing out loud (from a figurative perspective it *does* actually make sense, but as commenter Christina noted, the literal interpretation, “would be the most boring book ever,” haha.)  Check it out here.

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