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Guest Post: “Characters Behaving Badly” + Related Excerpt, Review & Giveaways

Today on the Shudder Blog Tour, we’re taking a look inside Alessa’s psyche (and her minor freak-out…) in Shudder with the guest post “Characters Behaving Badly” at To Read or Not to Read, along with a related excerpt at A Dream Within a Dream!  We’ve also got one amazing new 4.5 star review, and giveaways at both stops!

Here’s a snippet of the guest post over at To Read or Not to Read:

Sometimes… characters just won’t do what you want them to do. I guess this is the problem with a well-developed character – she is no longer an object under your control, she’s a living, breathing person with motivations and thoughts and feelings all her own. And sometimes, even when she’s supposed to be the big, tough heroine of your story, she just doesn’t want to be. And we – as the readers – just have to deal with it. I know, I know. I’m the author – I’m supposed to make my characters do what I and the readers want them to do. But unfortunately, that’s just not the way the world works. <continue reading>

Next, swing by A Dream Within a Dream to see the related excerpt from Shudder, and also check out Stephanie’s fab review!

This is a truly captivating second novel in an exciting and intriguing trilogy. … The plot is very well written with a fast pace and effortless flow, which makes it almost impossible to put down. The characters – especially Alessa – continue to be well rounded and realistic, which makes it easy to identify with them throughout the book. … The story is full of twists and adventure and it kept me guessing, which is something that I love in a book. … This is a fantastic second installment in what continues to be an exciting and addictive trilogy. I highly recommend it to fans of all genres – as it defies being labeled as just one. I will definitely be eagerly awaiting the final book in the series! <continue reading>

And don’t forget the e-book giveaways at both stops!!  Thanks so much to Marcie and Steph for hosting today!

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