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Guest Post: “Why a Virus?” + 5-Star Reviews, Excerpt & Giveaways

Lots of awesome new content for you from today and yesterday on the Shudder Blog Tour!  First, check out the guest post “Why a Virus?” at Book an Appointment with Wisdom Books along with a related excerpt, giveaway, AND a 5-star review!

From the guest post:Originally, nuclear war was supposed to destroy the world. That seemed to me the most plausible way for the apocalypse in the Stitch Trilogy to come about. It’s a simple formula: Overpopulation + Scarce Resources + Nuclear Weapons = End of Life As We Know It <continue reading> From the review:This book was absolutely amazing. … I got to know the characters a lot better, and wow, were there huge twists in the storyline! I enjoyed it throughout, and it left me on the edge of my seat. You really start to believe in the world Samantha has created, and lose yourself in it. A really original series. I cannot wait for the last book! <continue reading>

And then swing by today’s stop at Realms of an Open Mind for another fabulous 5-star review and an e-book giveaway!

Stitch was one of those books that, even months and months later, has stuck with me. Five glowing stars, but the thing that made it difficult to review was the fact that I didn’t want to spoil anything for those who hadn’t had the privilege of reading it. Same goes here, and it’s so hard not to just gush about all the things I love about this series so far! To sum it up, Samantha Durante has this wonderful talent for taking it to the next level. Topping it off with a writing style that keeps you hooked, Samantha never fails to throw you for a loop, smacking you head on with surprises that you never see coming. Shudder builds and builds and builds, intriguing you from the very beginning, making you question and wonder to again slap you in the face with another twist. Nonstop action, beautifully written characters, and impeccable world-building, this is definitely a series to add to your shelf.<continue reading>

Huge thanks to Keely and Hikma for hosting!!

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