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“I have literally no words.” 2 Reviews & Excerpt!

Three AMAZING stops on the Shudder Blog Tour today, including reviews at WeaklingNo14′s Wondrous Reviews and Rivie’s Bookshelf and a new excerpt at The Book Hookup!  First up, an awesome review from WeaklingNo14:

I have literally no words. I mean, I did not expect it to go like this, to happen like this. I actually had to stop reading half-way through because it was so freaking intense, I thought I would start crying or something if I carried on. This book was much more than the first one. It was faster paced, it had higher stakes, more things happened…it was just so much bigger. This is one of those series where I am so glad that it’s only a trilogy because if I had to get tortured some more, I would kill myself. You’d think when we got chapters from the POV of the bad guys, we’d be less in the dark about what is happening, but, alas, no. I was completely engrossed, trying to figure out what was going on with the clues that I had been given. <continue reading>

Next up, another great 4-star review at Rivie’s Bookshelf – check it out:

I’ve mentioned before that my favorite books to read are dystopian, there are a lot of stories already in this genre but this series is new. Is full of twists you don’t see coming, the story makes you want to keep reading to find out what is happening with the characters. Even the second book brings new things, it’s not just a second part that tries to prepare you for the end. Even so, it still gives you answers, new details and further explanation. <continue reading>

And finally, a brand new excerpt up at The Book Hookup!  Here’s a sneak peek:

Waiting, Alessa watched the forest, ignoring the snowflakes gathering on her eyelashes and the stinging of the frozen shards scouring her face.  With a slow, deliberate movement she raised the knife to her shoulder, coiling to strike. <continue reading>

Oh, and you can also enter the CBL Prize Pack Giveaway at WeaklingNo14′s Wondrous Reviews and Rivie’s Bookshelf!  Thanks again to Sadaf, Rivie, and Celeste for hosting!!

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