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INSPIRATION WEEK – “The Bones Incident” + Reviews & Giveaways

Welcome back to INSPIRATION WEEK on the Shudder Blog Tour!  I’ve got two great stops to share with you today.  First, continuing the theme for the week, we’ve got a new guest post up at Bookish Treasures about the inspiration for ‘The Bones Incident’ from chapters 3&4 in Shudder, along with an excellent 4.5-star review and e-book giveaway!  Check it out:

From the guest post: There’s an incident early on in Shudder where Alessa and Isaac are happily strolling through the forest until they stumble upon a clearing that’s littered with something a little bit disturbing: bones.  Some instinct in Alessa kicks in and they take off, only to be hunted down by a pack of terrifying creatures that they can’t quite put a name to.  This is one of my favorite scenes in the book, and I think that is does a good job drawing a visceral reaction of fear from readers partly because it’s based on a true story – this actually happened to me. <continue reading> From the review: Alessa is so beautifully real in this book. She is working for the rebellion yet part of her wants to stop fighting and just live a calm safe life with those she loves. Throughout the book she struggles with the moral dilemma of whether to just keep her friends and family safe or to risk everything for the greater good. I loved this aspect of the book as Alessa’s earlier thoughts make her final choices so much more moving. … Overall this is another fantastic book by Samantha Durante. I was expecting an incredible read and Shudder did not disappoint. The ending comes with a few shocking reveals that (yet again) leaves me desperate to read the next (and final) book of this trilogy. I highly recommend Shudder and if you are yet to read Stitch then what are you waiting for? Read it now! <continue reading>

Also, from yesterday’s stop at Books for Company, we have another e-book copy up for grabs, plus an awesome review!

The storyline has a lot to it, I can’t imagine the amount of thought Samantha must have put into it with all the twists. Samantha has successfully built on the world she created in Stitch and has made it stronger and became more realistic. The more I learnt about Paragon and the world outside the more gripping Shudder became and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. … When I finished Stitch I was excited to read Shudder because I felt like it had great potential. There were so many directions which Samantha could have taken Shudder and I felt like she really made the most of this and took Shudder beyond my expectations and in great directions. She definitely made the most of its potential. <continue reading>

Thanks so much to Laura and Jodie for hosting!!  More inspiration-related posts coming later this week.  :-)

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