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Introducing Shudder-o-Meter (that’s right – the sequel is coming!!)

It’s official – Shudder production has commenced!

After many hours of feedback gathering and in-depth planning, I penned the very first chapter this weekend.  And let me tell you – we’re starting this one off with a bang!

To keep you up-to-date on my progress, I’d like to introduce a handy little tool: the Shudder-o-Meter!

Each week as I complete more chapters, I will revise this meter’s level of completion, and once the cover is entirely in color, Shudder will be complete!

What’s more, as I receive feedback from my beta readers, I will share the best tidbits with you guys to whet your appetite for the next installment of the Stitch trilogy.

Here’s what the beta readers had to say this week:

“OMG – did she really die?  No, she couldn’t have died… could she??”

Sorry guys!  That’s all I can say for now…  Stay tuned for more Shudder info in the coming weeks!

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