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“Loved the political undertones – other people’s dictators just never learn.” 2 Re

Two awesome new reviews (plus a giveaway!) to share from the past few days of the Shudder Blog Tour.  First, at New Adult Addiction:

Book Two, Shudder, picks right up where Alessa and Isaac left off—outside Paragon and on a critical mission to find a suitable place to relocate the rebels so they can reclaim their lives and fight against the Ruling Few who are doing unspeakable things in the name of Utopia… otherwise known to those of us in the know as Communism. Yes, every time they try it, it fails.  But that’s not stopping these self-indulgent, power hungry moguls from giving it another go.  You see, it’s just a matter of genetics, right?  Or  actually, that old eugenics thing Hitler did. Because they are hand-picking those they think are suitable for the “perfect society”. Other people’s dictators just never learn. … I loved the political undertones because it’s so true.  Some people think that the end justifies the means no matter how many lives it will cost to reach the desired result. And it really needs to be explored over and over again in literature and film and other sources of social entertainment, so people don’t forget that this philosophy has been put into practice countless times over thousands of year and millions of people have died because of it. <continue reading>

Next, head over to Saturday’s stop at Reading With ABC for another fab review plus an excerpt!

I like Alessa and Isaac because they are strong, but flawed characters.  They are deeply in love and they are fiercely loyal to each other and to those they love.  Even if Isaac felt helpless at times to help Alessa with her newfound abilities, he still sticks with her and tries (typical of a man!) to find an explanation and cheers her on.  One of the things I like the most is that we find out a lot more about the post-war, post-virus world.  We understand what happened to our characters and to humanity as a whole and why.  We get many answers (even if we don’t like them!), and still have many questions. <continue reading>

Finally, swing by Contagious Reads to enter a new e-book giveaway!  Thanks so much to Julie, Liza, and Lori for hosting!!

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