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“Ohhhhh my!” – 5-Star Review & More Today on the Shudder Tour!

Mom With a Kindle

Three great stops today on the Shudder Blog Tour!  First, at Mom With A Kindle an excellent 5-star review – take a peek:

Ohhhhh my! I just finished reading Shudder, as in I just turned the last page on my Kindle and I was cussing :) Samantha under my breath. What the heck?!?!? Leaving me hanging like that. But WOW! I need to take a minute before I can dive into how awesome this book was…… Ok (taking a deep breath) three words; unbelievably, fast paced. … Just like in Stitch, one moment you’re thinking one thing is going on and the next you are totally taken back by what actually is going on. … If you haven’t read Stitch GO GET IT NOW! :) Shudder will not leave you disappointed at all. … And just like me now, I am having to wait on the last book in the trilogy STUCK! I can’t wait!! Samantha!!!

THANK YOU!!!  I can’t wait, either – guess I need to get writing.  :-)  Swing by Mom With A Kindle for the full review!

And then we’ve got two more stops today where you can enter the big CBL Prize Pack Giveaway: Fandom Fanatic and CBL Reviews!

Huge thanks to Michelle, Annmarie, and Laurynne for hosting today!

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