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“One of the most well-written Indie series I’ve read in a long time” – 2 Reviews +

Today on the Shudder Blog Tour, we’re highlighting two great reviews, plus a new excerpt AND a giveaway for a PRINT COPY of Shudder!  First, stop by The Oaken Bookcase for a 4-star review and excerpt:

From the review:Shudder is an enjoyable follow-up to Stitch, continuing the story of Alyssa and Isaac and their friends trying to resist a repressive society. … There are some action scenes through the book though, and they are very tense – sometimes scary! I think this has to be one of the most well-written Indie series I’ve read in a long time. … Overall, Shudder builds towards what I am hoping will be a blockbuster ending to the trilogy. Bring it on! <continue reading> From the excerpt: By the time the sun dipped toward the skyline, Alessa and Isaac had wandered through two more vacant neighborhoods, a derelict shopping center, and a downtown area that could only be described as a ghost town. The pervasive quiet shrouding the once-vibrant village intensified the eerie feeling of being utterly alone. If Alessa hadn’t known what happened, she might have expected families and school kids and zipping cars around every corner. Besides the overgrown shrubbery and the occasional smashed storefront, everything seemed just in its place, waiting for its inhabitants to come home. It was devastating.<continue reading>

Next, head over to Books & Life for a chance to win a PRINT copy of Shudder, and enjoy another 4-star review!

I was so thrilled to get the chance to review the second installment in the Stitch Trilogy. It has so many genres wrapped up in one book that the story really keeps you engrossed wondering will happen next. … I found myself really intrigued in Alessa and Isaac’s fate. I like how they became even closer as they struggled against one obstacle after another as they look for a new unscathed area for the rebels to dwell in. … Of course Samantha leaves us with a cliffhanger ending and wanting the next book faster than she can probably write it. <continue reading>

Big thanks to Angelya and Joy for hosting today’s stops!

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