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“Shaping up to be one of my favorite trilogies” – 2 Reviews & Giveaway

Two awesome reviews and another chance at the CBL Prize Pack Giveaway today on the Shudder tour!  First, reviews at Frodo’s Blog of Randomness and Faerie Tale Books – check out these snippets:

Frodo’s Blog of Randomness: The plot! People, the twists and turns in this book?! Seriously, it’s amazing how Durante keeps you on your toes throughout. I kept thinking I had everything figured out and then BAM, another wrench thrown into what I thought I knew. There are conflicts of interest between characters, on opposite sides and even on their own. Dangers lurk around every corner. New abilities are just waiting to be discovered! How do you get better than that? Awesome. … This is shaping up to be one of my favorite trilogies in quite some time. I already am pining for Stuck’s release! <continue reading> Faerie Tale Books: This is the second installment in the Stitch Trilogy and is does not disappoint. The world building is very realistic, which is actually pretty scary, and you can see yourself on the run with Alessa and Issac, fighting for your life tooth and nail. The characters are believable and you really invest a lot of emotion into them. When you feel the rift that spreads between Alessa and Issac it is like a physically blow! This is a must read that will have you counting down the days until Stuck comes out! <continue reading>

And finally stop by Reading Until Dawn to enter the big CBL Giveaway!  Thanks so much to Eric, Samantha & Daphne for hosting today!!

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