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Stitch Ebook Available Free to Libraries

I’m excited to announce that Stitch will be made available for FREE to any libraries who wish to stock it in their e-book collections.  This is made possible through the new Pricing Manager and Library Direct tools released by Smashwords on August 8th.

I’m a strong believer that libraries are an incredibly important part of the reading ecosystem and I’m thrilled to be able to make my book available to library users.  I remember as a kid being giddy at having my own library card, my eyes never quite wide enough to take in all the books piled to the ceiling in every direction.  It was a magical feeling.

For many readers, new print books and e-readers can be prohibitively expensive, so the library is a critical way for us to keep reading accessible for all.  In addition, libraries serve as important cultural and community hubs and offer limitless opportunities for free education, which is never a bad thing!  Not to mention that borrowing books is also more environmentally responsible than purchasing them.  So basically, this is a big win all around.  Go libraries!

For readers who wish to borrow the book, I’m not entirely sure how/when it will become accessible through your local library system.  My understanding from the Smashwords announcement is that the library would need to have an existing ebook checkout system and sign up through the Smashwords program.  So if you’re looking for Stitch in your library, I encourage you to communicate your request to your local librarian and see if they’re able to stock it for you.  To the best of my knowledge, it shouldn’t cost them a cent!

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