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“Test their love, strength and will to live” – Review & Giveaway

Thanks to Darkest Addictions for hosting today’s stop on the Shudder Blog Tour!  Head over there for an e-book giveaway and a new review:

In Shudder, you pick up three days after the events of Stitch ended. Alessa and Isaac are outside the walls of Paragon in search of the Rebels and away from the Engineers. What they’ll face, and what they’ll discover as they get further from the compound will test their love, strength and will to live. The characters are still likable for me, except at one point when Alessa was being a jerk, but that’s just my picky self speaking. There was one character, actually two with whom I kept playing a guessing game with, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out who was who. … Every character here plays an important role, and I loved that. <continue reading>

Swing by Darkest Addictions for the rest.  :-)  Thanks so much to Neyra for hosting!!

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