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The Hunt for Tomorrow – Virtual Scavenger Hunt w/ MINDBLOWING Prizes

We’re running a pretty incredible promotion for the What Tomorrow May Bring YA dystopian boxed set and I wanted to make sure all my readers knew about it because the prizes are some of the MOST MINDBLOWINGLY AWESOME I have ever seen, on anything.  Behold:

22 authors.

3 boxed sets.

1 massive event.

On July 18th, The Hunt for Tomorrow Begins.

  1. This virtual scavenger hunt offers free ebooks and swag to all participants

  2. The grand prize winners hauls off 3 boxed sets, autographed paperbacks from 22 authors, and their very own progressive story

  3. Participation is free

  4. Sign up for the newsletter for updates

  5. Get more information

Yes, you read that right. 22 SIGNED PAPERBACKS, 3 boxed sets including all the books, and a custom dystopian story written collectively by all 22 participating authors where you get to call the shots – name some characters, pick a theme, and set us running.

It’s going to be amazing!  Sign up for the newsletter for more information and to be reminded when the Hunt begins on July 18th!

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